‘One Nation, One Election’ Theory : Is President’s rule a possibility in 2019?


In 1947, when India got independence, the whole target was to initiate democratic set up. Later, the newly formed Election Commission took ample care to make sure that all eligible Indians, irrespective of all differences, participate in the democratic process. Decades after that, many state governments couldn’t complete their five year terms and often in some cases, bypoll elections changed the scenario. The same thing happened at the centre too. So, at present, the electoral process is going on in some part of India or the other. This is something which hasn’t helped India and the curve of development. Populism is something which has become very common to governance in Indian and elections in between are disrupting the flow of work. In many core sectors where there are ample concerns regarding the need to implement reforms, dilemma over election mandate is indeed a huge roadblock. In such a scenario, the Narendra Modi government is definitely looking forward and currently brainstorming on the prospect to have Lok Sabha and Assembly Polls simultaneously.


The Narendra Modi government is formally going to seek advice from the Election Commission whether any such thing is at all feasible or not in near future, especially in 2019. The Law Commission is expected to submit its report soon on this matter. Meanwhile, the NITI Ayog committee also is looking into this matter. In other words, BJP is definitely looking forward to implement the ‘One Nation, One Election’ theory. There is no denying the fact that to have Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections together, amending the Constitution and the Representation of the People Act is necessary, which can be pivotal to shorten or extend the terms of state legislative assemblies in due course of time. Both legal and logistical issues are going to be tricky in this specific aspect.

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Anyhow, considering the present political situation, the NDA government is definitely trying to avoid any sort of Constitutional amendment. Definitely, one of the proposals is to impose President’s rule in states where assembly polls are due ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Some sections of the government believe that President’s rule can be imposed in larger national interest of ‘one nation, one election’ concept. Anyhow it remains to be seen whether PM Narendra Modi and BJP mastermind Amit Shah at all gives a go ahead with it or not. It is indeed a sensitive issue and can be a huge political gamble for BJP as well.

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