PM Modi faces a severe backlash on Twitter for Tamil Nadu visit today


PM Narendra Modi is facing strong criticism ahead of his visit to Tamil Nadu today. Since morning, #GoBackModi has been trending and the tweets reflect collective anger for PM Modi’s misguided efforts for the southern state. Right from involvement in AIADMK fiasco to the Cauvery stalemate, the saffron King has failed to impress the local sentiment. Many people consider the delay in setting up Cauvery Water Management Board to be extremely unwanted and they are aware of BJP’s strategic apathy in this regard.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Tamil Nadu to inaugurate a major defense exhibition near Chennai. Many people consider it to be yet another attempt from BJP to encroach into Dravidian politics, where they haven’t been able too successful as of now. Barring Kerala and parts of Karnataka, BJP has failed to enthuse new blood in the southern states and this has been the cause of concern for them as well. Previously Late AIADMK Supremo Jayalalithaa had a good rapport with PM Modi. After her demise, the equation has changed. Although BJP is in close terms with EPS-OPS alliance, AIADMK itself is facing mini-crisis after Dhinakaran’s asent to a new party. The Tamil Nadu political sphere has new entrants in superstars Kamal Hasan and Rajnikanth as well. Kamal Hasan has already himself for BJP and Rajnikanth is yet to show his inclination. Thus PM Modi is definitely finding it hard to get along Tamil emotions. Further, the delay in setting up much anticipated Cauvery Water Management Board in spite of Supreme Court orders has been a cause of great disappointment for the Tamilians. The discontent against BJP was highlighted in the RK Nagar bypolls in Chennai where the party got votes less than NOTA in spite of high hopes among the BJP leaders.

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Let’s nit forget the fury of Tamilians when the BJP-led central government pushed for replacing Tamil and English milestones on Tamil Nadu highways, with Hindi and English milestones. Altogether, PM Modi and his close associates are facing tough task ahead. The #GoBackModi is definitely not a case of paid anti-national pitch but a gentle reminder of the mood of the local Tamilians.

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