PM Modi tears apart ‘terror export factory’ Pakistan in UK visit


PM Modi in his visit to UK isn’t giving neighbouring Pakistan any opportunity to breathe easy. At ‘Bharat ki Baat, Sabke Saath’ event in London, he explained his tough stand against Pakistan and also discussed on various issues from criticism to BJP and the incidents of rape and security of women in India.

A much confident Narendra Modi went on to say, “We believe in peace but we will not tolerate those who like to export terror. We will give back strong answers and in the language they understand. Terrorism will never be accepted. When someone has put a terror export factory in place, attacks my people, has no power to fight a war; so attempts to attack behind the back.. in such a case Modi knows how to give a reply in the same language.” Regarding surgical strikes too, PM Narendra Modi clarified that Pakiatani officials were duly informed. Amidst all chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki jay’ he said, “I said before India gets to know, we should call Pakistan and tell them what we did so they can come and collect the death bodies if they have time. We were calling them since 11 am but they were scared to answer the phone. At 12, we spoke to them and then told the Indian Media.” Interestingly, PM Modi also took a strong stance against rape and urged people not to politicise rape. He categorically mentioned,” A rape is a rape. How can we tolerate this exploitation of our daughters? But can we compare the number of rapes in different governments? We can’t say there were this many rapes in our government and that many in yours. There cannot be a worse way to deal with this issue. We ask our daughters what they have been doing when they come home late, but do we ask our sons? These sinners are somebody’s sons!”

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There is no denying the fact that PM Modi had so many things to prove in his visit to UK. He has faced strong backlash for being quiet and non-responsive to incidents of hate and rape. His remarks in London is a timely reminder that he still has the command over party and the government, which he needs to implement time and again.


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