Screening of documentary film on ‘Love Jihad’ disrupted in JNU


The psuedo left liberals in JNU are back in business with their usual violent avatars as they disrupted the screening of a documentary film based on ‘love jihad’ in the JNU campus day before yesterday. The leftist groups not only attacked the innocent students but also attacked the security personnel. A security person is said to be in a critical situation and the anti-national brigade is responsible for this.

The title of the documentary film was ‘In the name of love’ and the director is none other than National Award winning director Sudipta Sen. Global India Foundation organised the screening. Although some of the so called left liberals have tried to tag the mob assault as clashes between JNUSU and ABVP. In reality the whole incident can be looked as targeted mob assault and an act of intolerance in a so called fortress of ‘freedom of speech’. As far eye witness accounts, the leftists within the campus without any provocation, attacked on the organizers and the innocent students in between were the victims. The images, videos and social media posts suggest the involvement of the leftists groups and not that of ABVP.

There is no denying the fact that the issue of ‘love jihad’, which is most prevalent in CPM ruled Kerala, is an ulcer to the communists. It thus comes as no surprise that they have resorted to violence and have even tried to run over security guard who tried to maintain peace and harmony in the campus.


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